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What you get each Saturday

Unlike other tipping websites - we don't charge more for early tips and intentionally keep our membership numbers capped so we don't cause odds to shorten for everyone else

This means winning doesn't come down to being the quickest to tip (so you can spend more time doing what you enjoy and less time glued to your phone)

How does it work?

Senior analyst and ex-bookmaker Matthew Edwards, with support from other racing experts view every televised race in Australia...every day

That's about 350 races per week!

For each race they assess track conditions, jockey weights, times, track work, barriers and more... to come up with the best tips each week.

But this isn't enough! 

They then trim the tips down to the best of the best (4 of the best in fact, along with the top 4 for every race in Sydney and Melbourne)

We then bring these all together and send them to you each and every Saturday, along with our late mail assessment of each race (sometimes if we think it is a 2 horse race we might back both).

Each email also includes our suggested strategy, so you know how much to place on each tip.

We are not perfect though and can't guarantee the future... BUT we pick a lot of winners! (See our list of recent winners)

This is a seven day a week business for us, but we enjoy the benefits of steering our customers in the right direction (and winning with our bets doesn't hurt either)


Q: If your tips are so good why sell them why not just bet?
A: This is our number one question. There are about 10 good corporate bookies in Australia and if you win too much they can cut you off or restrict you. So there is a limit to what an individual can win without it becoming tricky. We can bet to that limit and then sell to our customers who are mostly betting small and attracting no attention. This gives us the capacity to have 2 income streams.

Q: Cancellation Policy
A: Simply email to cancel at any time

Q: Can you guarantee I will win
A: If you pay and don't win this quarter you don't pay the next quarter so whilst we can't guarantee the future we sure have the right incentive. We pick a lot of winners and our service is cheap. We do the work and I bet you we will win.

A: How do you calculate a winning quarter
Q: Based on the official results on the Ladbrokes website

A: How do I know what bets to make
Q: Each email will tell you exactly. If you bet on trifectas or other exotics your stake is at your determination.

A: What size bankroll do I need to get started
Q: We suggest 1000 units to start with and the unit size is up to them.

A: When and how do I get charged after my 2 week Free Trial?
Q: Every week your credit card is debited on the day you choose.

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