Platinum Selections FAQs

"Need more information about our tipping service?"

How it works

A. This is our number one question. There are about 10 good corporate bookies in Australia and if you win too much they can cut you off or restrict you. So there is a limit to what an individual can win without it becoming tricky. We can bet to that limit and then sell to our customers who are mostly betting small and attracting no attention. This gives us the capacity to have 2 income streams.
A. If you pay and don’t win this quarter you don’t pay the next quarter so whilst we can’t guarantee the future we sure have the right incentive. We pick a lot of winners and our service is cheap. We do the work and I bet you we will win.
A. Based on the official results on the Ladbrokes website.
A. Each email will tell you exactly. If you bet on trifectas or other exotics your stake is at your determination.
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