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Once you become a member we supply approximately 4 tips every week for Saturday races.

We guarantee to limit our membership to 2000 clients so as not to hurt the odds we receive on our bets.

These tips are emailed to you in 2 lots. Lot 1 is sent by Friday morning and you put these bets on Friday for Saturday. Lot 2 is sent to you by 10am Saturday which gives you at least 1 hour to place these bets.

Each email will inform you if bet is win only or each way or place and how many units. We also send you our suggestions on all Sydney and Melbourne Saturday races which include our top four selections(good for trifectas etc).

We include our suggested strategy for each race. We recommend you use one of the big online bookies (Ladbrokes etc) and you can place your bets by phone or internet very simply. Please use there bet boost on best bets as soon as received.

Every week your credit card is debited on the day you choose. The amount you bet is up to you and we recommend you gamble responsibly. If affordable we suggest you aim to bet about $50 on best bets but most start small and wait till their bank builds.

NO WIN, NO PAY Our policy is that if you pay for tips for the full quarter ( e.g Jan, Feb, Mar) and it is not a winning quarter then you don’t pay for the following quarter. A winning quarter is based on the official results posted in Ladbrokes.

Quarters are financial quarters so Jan-Mar, Apr-June, Jul-Sep, Oct-Dec. If your free tips intro period is part of a quarter then that quarter is ineligible for no win no pay and all membership payments must be made on time to qualify.

If claiming for a losing quarter simply email account printout if required.

You may cancel at any time simply by sending us an email and no reason is required.

The tips are intended only for the member and if we have good reason to believe they have been passed to others then membership can be cancelled. Membership is transferable but non-refundable.

We believe if you bet within your means you can love racing forever.

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This is not a bookmaking or wagering website, no bets are received. This is a tipping service, and we only provide subscribers with weekly tips. Gambling involves risk. Please only gamble with funds that you can afford to lose.

How Platinum Selections worksGuaranteed race tips, each and every week.

Learn the secrets of tipping with a bookmaker that has 40 years experience in the industry... we can teach you these strategies... And you can be your own bookie.

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